Saturday, April 11, 2009


why must ppl lie???If they really not satified than jus tell.Before u lie did u think about others,maybe u will hurt someone.Do u actually use the brain of ur's to think about it.If u lie for good maybe u will get forgiveness but if u lie for bad no one will forgive u,really dun like this feeling.

Monday, April 6, 2009


yesterday when i went down,i saw a big fat rat(is not that big) running around finding for food.I'm scared but i really can't believe that my house have RAT ,and i can't figure it out where did it came from.Now i don't really dare to go down!!!!!THANK GOD my dad caught that rat!!!!!


love this pic.
Twilight rox!!!! i love it so much,but the story of the show and book are not the same although i haven finished the four books (twilight,new moon,eclipse and breaking dawn).Rob is so cool when he act in twilight,but in real life he sure is a funny person.That's why he is a good actor.i really hope that they can have a fan meeting in malaysia,if they have i'll be the first one to go.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haruma Miura

I'm a big fan of haruma cause he is so adorable.Hehe.I like almost all the movies and drama that he acted in,cause i did't see all of it,but i will.I like the way he hack ppl in 'Bloody Monday' it was so cool and his typing was very fast, i hope to be as geniues as he is.(haha jus joking i dunwan to be caught for that).
His blond hair in "Koizora" was nice,and he acted so man in that drama.But he still die at last(so sad T.T).why the directer always(almost every drama) want him to die in the end?Really can't understand that.
I really really really hope that he can come to malaysia.I really wanted to see the real
him(not from internet,not from pic...).Haru-chan "GAMBATE-NE" I will always support u.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


YEAH!!!!!i'm so happy cause pmr is over,but i'm also boring cause everyday stay at home.I have no freedom although pmr is over cause my mom wants me to study for form 4,haiz....i also haven know my result yet....also dunno going in to wat class....i really have no idea wat is my mom thinking right now......i have been holiday for a few days i really miss all the babi's.I hope the day that we go out faster come.BORING!!!!BORING!!!!!BORING!!!!WHEN ONLY I CAN HAVE MY FREEDOM?????

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Life is suffering!!!!! T.T

Is money that important to u?why adult always begin a fight because of MONEY.I know money can buy a lots of things but money can't buy family,can't buy happiness.Before u start the fight did u think about who will be suffuring?Is all of us! Exam is coming why do u still wan to make the situation worst.I really dunno why.U have change a lot,i really dunno why u will act this way.We are really disappointed on u.I hope that u know wat r u doing.

My Da jie - Babi no.1

since last week my da jie was sad and had a bad mood.she was so emo,but today half of her came back, half of her is still sad because her mum is ill.but i know she was very worry about her mum she jus pretending to be happy. she really makes me worry i wanted to help her but i can't do anything jus can pray for her mum.i really wan her to be happy like last time.Babi no.1 must be happy oo!!!!!!!!If got any problem jus come to one of the babi's...haha....